Coming to PC, Xbox,
PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Rhythm Sprout Project Summary

Rhythm Sprout is a high-precise rhythm action with a wacky story, simple controls and original soundtrack.

You play as the Chosen Onion, Sprout. Save the Vegetable Kingdom from the invasion of King Sugar Daddy... And maybe resque Princess Cauliflower

in the meantime!


Move and fight to the rhythm of the song

Follow the self-aware and charmingly silly story in the breaks

Every level explores a unique visual and audio theme, inspired by

a variety of genres and time-periods

Easy to pick up with a 3-button control scheme

Beat-maps designed by in-house drummer makes it deep and challenging for the fans of the genre

Core gameplay experience

Move to the Rhythm

Every level has unique visuals, music theme and song structure.

You progress through the level with successful hits on the rhythm pattern.

There’s a bit of strategic depth on when to use a Sugar Rush mode, which gives you more points on hit.

Fight to the Rhythm

Every enemy has a unique beat pattern that you should master.

In the song structure you can treat it as a repeated chorus theme.

Some enemies could be finished with a Thrash Section when you smash all the keys to get a higher score!

Meet charming characters

Follow the lightweight story in the breaks between rhythm levels. 

There are a bunch of funny dialogues with simple interactions to keep the player involved.

There’s more!

Aside from the main story mode there’s a side story, bonus levels, a couple of gimmick modes and other rhythm activities to fulfill the playtime.